Monday, December 10, 2007

Post Deco Activity

Guess where we went after leaving Wesley?

Sigh... They're closed. but my umbrella's open. hee

we're at the National Museum of Singapore.

Mummy wanteda take a photo of me with this giant thingy but i refused to cooperate.

It seems like i'm having lotsa fun from the pictures right?

Actually, I was fussing a lot, sticking to Mummy and crying, "Mama! Mama!" the moment she put me down. cos I'm sick.

Mummy's not having fun at all. She's fustrated at my endless cries and requests to carry me all the time. She had already carried me the whole afternoon when we went for the Babies Prom and all the time at Wesley so she's really tired.

Papa taking a photo of the dried fruit.

seriously, we're not sure what it is... Apple? Cherry? Bell Pepper?

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