Friday, May 13, 2016

fun-filled Tech Saturday 2016

Tech Saturday
Date: Sat 21 May 2016
Time:  11 AM - 7 PM,

The region's most exciting tech carnival is back! 
Tech Saturday is a fun-filled tech experiential event open to everyone to learn, build and play.

  • Try out the coolest products and apps that help us in our daily lives in Tech Showcase!

  • Make your own tech at our Worksheds! 
  • Learn about 3D printing and scanning, robotics and much more!
  • Registration required.
    Hurry over before the seats get snapped up!

  • Buy your very own tinker sets and create your own tech projects in Tinker Space!

  • Become the top drone pilot
     at the Arena!
  • Registration required.
    Hurry over before the seats get snapped up!
  • Code a robot to solve problems! Beat the competition at the Kids' Hackathon!
Your own robotics kit (3D-tronics or Moway) and registration required.

Sounds like lots of fun and hands-on!
So exciting!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

3D Printing

Picking up a new hobby - 3D Printing

Am still at the model creation stage though... 

two of my creations.
Charaters based on Plants vs Zombie.

Can you guess what they're going to be part of?

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Good Morning 'Cher

Have u wondered how "tetra-pak" got its name when packet drinks are clearly not in the shape of a tetra(hedron)?
Here's how tetra-pak originally looks like.

All these n more on how school was like back in the 1960s at MOE's SG50 Exhibition "Good Morning 'Cher: Our Schools, Our Teachers, Our Stories"
• Changi City Point (10 - 12 Jul)
• Westgate (24 - 26 Jul)
• AMK Hub (14 - 16 Aug)
• Suntec City (28 - 30 Aug) 
12pm - 9pm

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Art Teachers’ Exhibition “a-edge”

Last day tomorrow! 

MOE Art Teachers’ Exhibition “a-edge”
Date: 13 to 22 March
Time: 12 to 9pm
Venue: School of the Arts (SOTA) Art Gallery 

free Admission
More photos and Details @

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Grab your board games and more at the Hasbro Warehouse Sale

The Hasbro Singapore Toys and Games Warehouse Sale

 Venue: Bishan Community Club Multi-Purpose Hall
51 Bishan Street 13, Singapore 579799

Friday 20 Mar 2015 10am - 6pm
Saturday 21 Mar 2015 10am - 1pm

brands such as TRANSFORMERS, Nerf, Monopoly and Star Wars

Flash this event poster to bring home the KRE-O Transformers Optimus Prime.

anybody can get "The game of Life" for my birthday in May?

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Lights out! Play's in!

Lights out! Play's in! 
at Parkway Parade 
28 Nov to 7 Dec 2014

Very blessed to be invited to check out some Lights Out fun at Parkway Parade.

1st up: Let It Glow!

Oo... we're glowing in the dark.
though can't really tell from this photo...
Time to have Some super cool Glow-in-the-dark drawing fun.

You can use a paintbrush

with stencils.

or hide in a dark dark tent

and doodle with a light pen.

Getting ready for the highlight.
Pardon our expression cos the flashlight was way too bright in this dark room.
(Again, doesn't look dark in the photo)

Light Balance: An Enchanting Christmas Show

I enjoyed the show so much and was laughing.
I even join them in the dance, albeit with much cajoling from my parents and the performers.
meimei, however, was rather frightened cos the "robots" appear and disappear out of nowhere.
It took her awhile to realise that they are actually humans!
So those with younger children (below 5) be warned: it can be rather scary because it's gonna be pitch dark.

Line Up of Christmas Campaign Events and Activities
at Parkway Parade 

Date: 28 Nov to 7 Dec (excluding 1 Dec)
Time: 2pm, 5pm, 8pm
Venue: Basement  atrium
Catch the  electrifying choreographed display of lights and music by the world-­‐renowned dance act  — Light Balance. Simply spend a minimum of $100*, or charge $80* to your American Express® Card+ to redeem a ticket to watch the show and get an opportunity to meet the cast. PP Junior  Club members only need to flash their lanyards to redeem a free ticket.
Limited to 55 pax per session and 5 PP Junior Club members per session

Date: 28 Nov to 7 Dec (excluding 1 Dec)
Time: 3.30pm, 3.55pm, 6.30p,6.55pm
Each session is approximately 20 mins
limited  to 15 kids per session and 5 PP Junior Club members per session.
Venue: Basement atrium 
Let  the little ones explore their creative side by drawing with light!
Watch as their creations come  to life with a glow wand.
Spend a minimum of $50*, or charge $30* to your American Express Card to qualify. PP Junior Club members only need to flash their lanyards to redeem a free ticket.

Click to see more redemptions available at Parkway Parade.