Thursday, May 8, 2008

Breastfeeding in Public and Nursing Wear

Hann's Mummy said...

Found this online nursing wear store while searching for something else:

Find the most of the clothes quite nice. They have a number of nursing dresses too. best part is they ship to Singapore!

Actually, I've long stop using nursing wear. I find it very difficult to find nice nursing clothes in Singapore and I don't breastfeed Hann as often in public now. Anyway, I find normal clothes (halves that is) just as easy to breastfeed so no need to go thru' the trouble and expenses to find and buy nursing clothes.

I breastfeed everywhere in public in Singapore and for the past 2 years, no1 stare at me for long nor come up to say nasty things to me as mentioned by other bf mothers and as it happened in HK and Macau. I thought Singaporeans are generally ok with . but only now I realise that Singaporeans mind people breastfeeding in public!

check out the discuss in this thread at STOMP.

Singaporeans actually think breastfeeding in public is indecent (they equate it to french kissing in public), pervert, embrassing, inconsiderate, just to qoute a few. *faint*

sign... at this point, just wanta blog about my experience on breastfeeding in HK and Macau.

People in HK and Macau stare. They stare long and hard when I breastfed in public. Like I'm some alien they've never seen in their entire lives.

There was this incident in Macau. Hann was very sick and we brought him to a private hospital. While waiting, I breastfed him in the waiting area. There was this auntie with a baby or toddler (looks like 1 to 1.5 year old). She started looking at me then walked over to talk to me.

She said to her baby in Cantonese, "look! this baby is drinking breastmilk!"

Then told me that very few people bf in Macau and said that breastfeeding is very good, breastmilk very good for baby, blah blah.

Then she said me how old Hann was. I answered, 20months.

She immediately changed her stand. She said, "20 months still drink breastmilk ah? aiyoh, shame shame ah."

She said to Hann, "Aren't you shameful? so old already still drinking mother's milk ah? shame shame"

All these went on while Hann was still latched on.

I was quite annoyed with her but didn't know what to say.

I just thank God at that moment that Hann doesn't understand Cantonese and it was our turn to go in so I don't have to entertain this conflicting woman any longer.

Hann is now 2 years old and I'm proud to say and we thank God that he is still being breastfed.

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