Saturday, May 10, 2008


Photo taken by Hann.
I'm in love with my new toy...

Limited Edition of Lego Duplo!

A gift from Unlce Alvin and family.

They can read Mummy's mind! This was on her wishlist for my birthday presents but she didn't put up the list cos she thinks I need more variety of toys so she shouldn't restrict what people wants to give me. So she was very happy when she sees this present.

I did this all myself! Nice?
My papa didn't believe that I did it on my own. Ha. Papa, I can do many things now, you know?

Mummy: What's the man doing?

Hann: Up there!

Mummy: Oh. He's up there. What's his name? Can you give him a name?

Hann: Man!

Mummy: His name is Man?

Hann: *smiles* and *nods*

Hann: Mummy, Man is waving.


mikan said...

Hello Hann! Your Ah Tong's place has a set of Duplo for you. Did you remember to bring it home?

Duplo blocks are best for building up bilateral hand coordination skills, aren't they? ^^

Hann Hann said...

We didn't bring it home yet.

Mummy has no time to wash. haha.

will definitely love to add them to my set though.

小丘 said...

hann can really play lego well.

Auntie Joyce said...

Hi Hann! Glad you like the Duplo. : )