Monday, June 16, 2008

60-piece puzzles

It's been a long time since I post on me doing puzzles.

actually I work on them everyday. but they're the same 2 sets of 60-pieces Thomas&Friends Puzzles Mummy bought from Yahoo Auctions.

I work on them everyday with Mummy's guidance. they're quite challenging for me and I have no confidence to do them on my own. but I still love to work on them cos I love Thomas&Friends!

Putting in the last piece.
Yesterday, I finally completed one of the puzzles all on my own.
Mummy was so happy.
but I still want her to sit and see me put every piece together even though she didn't help me.

Photo taken by Hann.
Mummy passed me the camera so that I can snap my complete work.

another photo by Hann.
She was very happy and proud of my accomplishment:
able to put 60-piece puzzle together at 25 months.

Yeah! I'm going to start on the 2nd set immediately after I'm done with the 1st.

here I go again!


小丘 said...

I am very amazed, Hann is very very good with puzzles, and a great thinker.

Ing said...

Wow! Very impressive! Great job, Hann! :)