Saturday, July 19, 2008

I read scores

12 July 2008

at my Ah Gong's house..

pardon my Rubbish Yee for her lan playing. haha. she hasn't played for a long time.

nah... I don't really know howta read scores. I just point to the notes like Teacher does in my Music class.

Now Mummy's thinking if she should continue with Seimpi or find other music classes for toddlers.

Well.. there're two schools of thoughts for introduction to music. One says you should teach Note-reading right from the start so that the kid will not reject reading notes. Another said you should teaching listening 1st else the kid will rely too much on scores.

Mummy is more for the latter, having seen how Uncle Philip can practically listen to any piece of music and play beautifully on the piano.

oh yes. I know where's the C-key on the piano now!


Joshua Whom Jesus Dearly loves said...

Guess a good balance of both is important for any musician, i suppose.

Fyi, as u progress higher, there is an aural class in Seimpi. Joshua is doing a day at seimpi, just on aural( listening ) only, besides his weekly regular piano class.

Have fun, hann, in whatever route u choose !


kkf said...

I feel that you should stay with seimpi since it teaches more or less something like mandeville.

For yamaha, thought only 3 years old then can join? they very very strict with that.

Jolynn <3 said...

nice video! (:

Hann Hann said...

not Hann but Hann's Mummy said...

thanx, Jolynn

kkf, yah.. think we should be staying with Seimpi. and yes, Yamaha takes in from 3 only.