Saturday, July 26, 2008

Night Festival @ Singapore Art Museum

The Art Museum is where we're headed next.

See it all lit up. Beautiful eh?

We wanteda take pictures with these "frozen buildings" but were stopped by the security. Hence this picture.

A game we played at Xu BeiHong's Exhibition:
Mummy would find pictures in this "catalogue",

I'd then walk around the gallery

and find the matching paintings.

This wood craving is my favourite art piece in the Museum.

ah.. how I love going to the Art Museum.

but a word of caution if you're below 3 and thinking of going to the Art Museum:
The Museum is full of "scary" paintings and art works, not really suitable for toddlers like us, I'd say. there was a girl who are really scared and was crying. yet her parents insisted on going on with the museum tour. Poor girl.

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