Friday, August 13, 2010

Kids Science Fest! 2010

Kids Science Fest – Activities

Magic Materials

Bouncy Balls from Glue


Polymers are an essential material in our daily lives - from the plastic cups we drink from; to the polyester clothing we wear. In this activity, find out how you can turn white liquid glue into a bouncy polymer ball!

This activity is really messy so you HAVE TO put on the gloves.

1st you've gotta pour in the white glue.

Then you add in colouring and lab salt

and u've gotta stir and stir
til the mixture starts to harden.

the stirring is a little bit difficult for me so the jiejie helped me.

There! you've gotta mold it til it's no longer slimy.

Shrinking Plastic

Not all plastics are alike - depending on how they are made, plastics can behave very differently when exposed to heat. In this activity, try making your own ornaments by decorating plastic sheets, and then shrinking them in an oven!

My turn to decorate the piece of plastic.
see, it's about the size of my palm.

after curing in the oven,

the plastic becomes so small!

What's the Surface?

How good is your sense of touch?
Materials all have different surface textures - some are smooth, some are rough, some feel cold, some feel warm.
Can you distinguish materials just using your fingertips alone?
Play this game and find out how well you do!

Magnetic Theatre

Control a group of puppets and props using magnets on a stage!
But not all of them are magnetic - some puppets and props may need to be moved around by others.
Use your imagination and act out your own play!

Mummy's playing too!

Fun with flight

The flight of birds and insects has captivated the minds of humans for thousands of years.
Make two take-home toys and experiment with beach balls to find out how mankind has learnt to fly!

Paper Planes


What makes a paper plane fly? How can we make it turn right or left, or fly farther?

Fold your own plane from a sheet of paper, then tweak it to make it into a better paper plane!



What do you think of when you hear the word 'boomerang'? Most of us are familiar with the flattened, curved stick coming from Australia. But is this the only type of shape that returns when it is thrown? Make your own boomerangs and find out!

Bernoulli Blower

What is the physics behind flight? Is there a common behind the smooth flight of a paper plane, and the way a boomerang returns? The answer is yes - Bernoulli's principle, which you can find out for yourself with this activity involving blowers and beach balls!

Making Mobiles

Balance and loading are extremely important for airplanes to fly stably and safely. Learn about balancing and centre of gravity while you make your own decorative mobiles!

Light and Sound

3D Picture Gallery

3D movies are becoming more and more popular these days, thanks to cheaper and better technology. Find out how your eyes can be tricked into thinking a 2-dimensional picture is 3D, in this 3D picture gallery!

Mirror Symmetries

This giant kaleidoscope is made of only three mirrors, and yet is able to turn simple images into ones of amazing beauty! Try putting your own pictures under the scope, or play with the given ones and see how you can get images of different symmetries by simply moving things around.

Straw Musical Instruments


Many musical instruments are woodwinds, where the musician blows into or across a tube to make a sound. In this activity, learn how to make two kinds of musical instruments from simple drinking straws! Find out how you can tune the straws to get the sounds you want, so that you can play songs on your straw instrument!

Oops! I have problem making sound with this straw.

The Light Piano

With most musical instruments, you have to physically touch a string or a key to play a note. But not this light piano! Simply move your hands around to play different sounds, or team up with some friends to play an Add Imageentire tune!

Mathematical Games

A Colourful Puzzle

How many colours do you need to colour a map, so that no two countries next to each other share the same colour? Three? Four? Five? Try your hand at solving this classic mathematics puzzle! The answer is not only useful in mapmaking, but has many other real life applications such as telecommunications.

One from Many

Origami is not just about folding one sheet of paper! Instead, many beautiful and stunning objects can be made through the art of modular origami. Learn how to fold a Sonobe unit, which can then be put together to form cubes, stars and more - but only if you get the mathematics right!

Ever-changing Maze

This ever-changing maze is really nine puzzles in one! Can you help the people on the left find the treasures they want? Flip the maze sections one at a time until there is a clear path from the start to the end!

and finally, the science show:
"The Cell is a Very Busy Place"
by Renee and Carly from SciTech, Perth, Western Australia

look out for some experiment demonstrations.

not as exciting and fun as the one by James Soper at Xperiment

but they managed to get me "on stage" to participate!
Those who know me well will know that I'd rather observe than go on stage to do anything.

Q&A time: the host asked, "who has not got a prize?"

and I put up my hand.

The Question is "Name a food that gives us protein."
I answered, "rice." which is wrong.
I didn't know the answer, neither did Ai Ni jiejie.
In the end, the host whispered the answer to me and I said into the microphone, "chicken."

Lastly, a photo with the present ends our day at Kids Science Fest!

Tomorrow, 14 Aug 2010 Sat, is the last day.
Don't miss it this time!

Kids Science Fest!

Time: 11:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Events Plaza, National Library Board, Level 1


Baby said...

Uncle Alvin & I passed by there too, to attend a Baby Talk after lunch with Venerable & dharma friends at Graces Court Vege Rest, Hotel Royal @Queens..U must have learnt alot through fun and play! You may share with your friends.

edmund said...

Wow! looked like fun!

Unfortunately I did not find the time to go down. Maybe next year

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it looks fun!!!

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sure is!