Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nokia X6 has the X-factor!

Who says a 4-year-old doesn’t need his own phone?
I need one, man!

I haven’t own any phone since the last one I had when I was one year old.

This time I’ve set my eyes on Nokia X6.

Imagine if I have a Nokia X6…
I can...

1. Play Games
This is what I do while waiting for food in a restaurant.

Not only can I play games, with Nokia X6 I can challenge my mummy or papa or friends to three pre-installed games.
only 3 games ah! No worries, I download numerous premium games and applications through the Ovi Store.

with the access to internet, I can even play all my favourite online games.

No need to fight for the computer with my papa anymore.

2. Go online anytime anywhere
Talking about internet, Nokia X6 connects to the Internet with WLAN. That means I can browse web pages as they were originally designed. So I can blog anywhere anytime!

3. use Ovi Maps
oo... don't need to draw maps anymore.
you can download Ovi Maps on Nokia X6.
we can see our current location on the map, browse maps of different cities and countries, search for places, plan routes from one location to another, save locations, and send them to compatible devices!

4. use it as a GPS
Papa, no needa to flip the street directory anymore, my new Nokia X6 got GPS.
We can get to all those ulu makan places easily.

5. Listen to music
Hey LaoGoh, want to listen to music from my Nokia X6 like that Uncle?
Nokia X6 has unlimited access to millions of tracks and I even can create playlist specially for you.

6. Take photos and videos
With Nokia X6’s 5 mpix camera, not only can I shoot photos and videos I can even mix in my own music!
After taking videos, I can view them on the large 3.2” widescreen or even output to TV to show to my family and friends.

7. Call, of cos!
We seem to be forgetting that this is a phone.
I'll use it to call my gong, ah ma, my lao gohs, my ah yis, and of cos, my friends!

Now… can I really have a Nokia X6, pleeeeaaaaaaassee?


Jason said...

Wow! X6 is so powerful and fun... I want 1 too!

kkf said...

hahaha, only your daddy and mummy can grant you your wish!

MTDT said...

wow.. like hardselling the phone leh. is it some contest blogpost again? :p

Hann Hann said...

haha. clever MT.

it's a contest post. but I no ask u to buy mah. why say I hard sell?

kkf, am wishing that some1 else will grant my wish. =p

MTDT said...

good luck to u! :)

hard sell - doesnt mean u ask me to buy mah! heheh