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Royston Tan's Old Places - location #42 Dragon Kiln

Not Hann and Hann's Mummy said...

Wanteda post all the 40 places in "Old Places" one shot but after writing on Tao Guang, find that it is sooo long so will be posting the 40 locations in parts. start tuned!

42. Dragon Kiln Village 陶光龙窑
85 Lorong Tawas s639823
(off Jalan Bahar)
Last of the Dragon Kiln
Last of the Dragon Kiln originally uploaded by lastboltnut aka Hann's papa

Tao Guang 陶光 (What we call Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle)
is quite a special place for Hann's papa and I.
While we were studying in NTU, we always see a tall (man's height) vase along Jalan Bahar, the road just outside NTU.
The vase is an advertisement for Thow Kwang Pottery, or rather, it's more like a landmark or a road sign.
It was until we were graduating that we decided to visit this hidden place - 陶光.
and we were pleasantly surprised by this place.
世外桃源 (a place out of this world), I called it.

There's a pond which was not featured in "Old Places" and a pavilion.
At that time, ten years ago, opposite the pavilion, at the other side of the pond, was a huge cage and inside were rare birds - huge roosters with large beautiful tails, peacocks, etc.
that was before the bird flu was common.
Now, u can't find these birds there anymore.
Think they were removed due to bird flu.

Around the pond, there were pottery animals (think turtle, horse, camel. can't really remember)
so I said this place got 禽珍异兽 (loosely translated precious bird and strange animals)。

many years later, when we needed to do a photoshot for my sister's Ball Joint Dolls, the 1st place that came to our mind was Tao Guang.
33 By The Kiln
Taku sitting on the Dragon Kiln.
photo taken by Hann's papa.

The Dragon Kiln is fired up only once a year to heat and dry pottery.

Despite its ulu (hidden) location,
Tao Guang is very alive.
34 Fire
Taku in the Pottery Jungle.
taken by hann's papa.

Besides selling pottery and ceramics,
it is a workshop for clay artists and
They have pottery lessons (for adults and kids) there too!

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