Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Avent bottles contains Bisphenol A

and forward to all ya friends who have children using bottles or are pregnant.

February 27, 2007. Fox 11

The independent laboratory study ...

The group tested five popular baby bottle brands -- Avent, Dr. Brown's, Evenflo, Gerber and Playtex -- all five of which leached bisphenol A at levels "found to cause harm in numerous laboratory animal studies," Gibson said."
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boohoohoo... now mummy is super worried because I've been using Avent bottles, and we have like more than 50 avent bottles used to freeze my milk. Wonder does this have anything to do with my slowed down growth rate since I started going to infant care and use bottles.

Mummy knew about this chemical (BPA) but trusted Avent cos they said, "suitable for freezing breastmilk".

so now how? this is terrible.

see video at

look also at
they list Avent baby bottles as those to Avoid. *Mummy faints*

how siah?

at this point, Mummy wants to send all the avent bottles for recycling. but it's like >50 bottles we talking about here. and the $$... oh man. to think Mummy trusted them and recommanded them to many people.

another question is: if we're not using Avent, what other brand can we use?
Mummy tried to check the packaging for Avent and NUK bottles (both we have at home) but they don't say what they use to make these bottles!
so how are we going to know if the bottles contain Bisphenol A (BPA) or not?!
we don't want to buy another 50 bottles to discover that they also contains BPA.

here's a pharmacy having a trade-in drive for BPA-free bottles:

oh God, please tell Mummy what to do.

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Anonymous said...


Ask yr mum to relax..there are so many things out there that are harmful ..can't be mindful of that ..even baby wipes n toilet paper n detergent ...unless u use all those certified organic n pure n usually super expensive one !

God can protect u .

One word for u - U r in the world but u are not of the world - CHILL !