Thursday, November 29, 2007

Keeping Cool about Bisphenol-A

Hann's Mummy says:

Argh! In response to Anonymous' comment on Hann's previous post: It's difficult to chill about this! more so when an Anonymous ask you to chill.

oh man....

By God's grace, managed to sleep last night despite the bugging thought of the 50 Avent bottles with frozen ebm sitting in our fridge and that NUK bottles we have also, in high probability, contains BPA since it's labelled "7" on its recycle label.

This morning, woke up, looked at the Avent bottles with contempt and decided to we will replace them. only problem: with what.

then in my search for answers on the internet, found this blog post "Keeping Cool about Bisphenol-A" and Z-report on Safe Alternatives. Found some comfort in them and decided to share with those reading Hann's blog. Sorry if I caused any scare in Hann's previous post .

my decision: to replace all our avent bottles with Medela bottles, since I'm using Medela's pump, think might as well just use the bottles since they are BPA-free (gathered from various sources, including this one). but i'm not going to the extreme as to throw away all the frozen ebm but to slowly replace the bottles.

For storage, it's fine, but for feeding, we need another part- the cover which goes over the teat (circled in black in picture below). Think it's not available in Singapore.

Picture taken from

Currently, we have one passed down from Meg. It came with her Medela MiniE Pump. Not sure if they still do. If you have this "cover" and has no use for it, pass to me, ok? Otherwise, I may have to buy from US again. Hann needs at least 2.

Updates (04 December 2007):

oo... Mummy found out where she can buy the bottles with these covers. You can find them at The First Few Years, Paragon and KKHospital.

Also found there, cheaper Medela "tubes" for storing and freezing breastmilk.


Anonymous said...

How do u know medela is free from harmful sub ? Isn't it made of plastics too ?

Buy Born Free - it's confirmed safe..check it out in the news...the brand is there - BORN FREE.

Again, relax...u sound frenzy which I read with much amusement :P

Hann Hann said...

Hann's Mummy said...

I'm glad my post has some entertainment value. I'm anxious, yes, but not frenzy. at least i'm not throwing away my 50 bottles of frozen ebm.

Uncle (I'm amusing that you are a man cos all the men are asking me to relax),

other harmful sub I dunno, but Medela bottles are free from BPA. according to various reports, including those links in my post.

then I can ask u the same question: how do u know that Born Free is confirmed safe? it's also plastic. because of the news? news from where? BPA in bottles also in news mah. Fox news. see my previous post. but u care? no.

unless u're telling me to get the glass ones.

but i had my battle of glass vs plastic bottles for freezing before. so i'm not going for glass bottles.