Friday, December 7, 2007

Babies Promes 2007: Review

erm.. it was ok lah. would say it's more suitable for older kids.
For me it was too much talking. I just wanta hear the Orchestra!
Mummy thinks it maybe more suitable for 4 years old onwards. They introduced Instruments Families and the pieces that they were playing. All these are good for the older kids but not me. When the music comes on, I'm all ears but I'm just not patient enough to get thru' all the talking.
If you are going for the show tomorrow, remember to get this booklet. It's got some activities inside...

and stickers too..

Repertoire/ Programme:
Excerpts from:

HANDEL - Music for the Royal Fireworks
OFFENBACH - 'Can-Can' from Overture to Orpheus in the Underworld
BIZET - Carmen: Suite No. 1
VERDI - The Force of Destiny: Overture
MUSSORGSKY - 'Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks' from Pictures at an Exhibition
J. STRAUSS - Radetzky March
For the last section, they invited the children to go on stage to sqeeze with the musicians, but parents are not allowed. so I can't go cos I'm too young to go on my own. We went outside and found my friend, Joseph there too. haha.

Mummy's hands are so full of me that she only managed to take one nice photo there.

This gong was outside the Concert Hall and yes, I remembered it from my music class. now I get to see the real one.

There was a timpani too but I didn't want to take a photo with it.

Special thanx to

Auntie Ling for inviting us;

Uncle CS for picking us up;

Auntie Joey for sending us home.

God for making me well enough to go and for these thoughtful and kind Uncle + Aunties.

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小丘 said...

Wow, looks fun, but think really more suitable for older children.