Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Been having fever since Sunday... along with a very bad cough and running nose.
Please pray for me to recover by Friday morning (07 December) cos I have a Babies Prom to attend.
Checking my temperature.

Checking temperature for Elmo.

Mummy said it so many times that I now know how to say "Check"it and to request her to check my temperature.

Sometimes, I refused to be checked more than once or to take my medicine. But once Elmo ask me to, I will do it!

I love Elmo!


小丘 said...

hard to take temperature for my boy as well, medicine worse!

You attending the baby prom? Wow, looks interesting. Hope you recover and tell us more. :)

Hann Hann said...

I hope I can recover by tomorrow morning... as of today, my condition has not improved much...

Medicine, I'm ok. in fact, I used to love medicine! haha. but this time round, I don't like them as much.