Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Great deal for books

This evening is a wonderful one.

After dinner, I started working on my puzzles as usual but today Mummy was by my side as I worked.

Then I told Mummy I want to read so we took some books and went to read on the bed.

Here are the books we read:

Mummy bought these books at a steal!

They come in boxes of 5 books each.

the inside.

pss.. Mummy can't read some of the words!

Papa, will you read them to me?

Actually, Mummy had books like these when she was young. I reckon that's one of the reasons she bought them. nostalgic.

Guess how old are these books?

Printed in 1980, these books are 28 years old!

After the Chinese books, we read "I love you with All my heart".

Mummy bought this from Auntie Jenny's online bookshop.

The book ended with Polo (the polar bear) curling up to his mother and falling asleep. (Sorry, no picture of that.)

I gave Mummy a hug and told her I want "Nai Nai Time" (Milk Time before bed).

Good night!


ZT said...

wow.. ur chinese books really a steal leh!! :p

U noe "childrenbookcove" owner huh. I used to read her son's blog too... but now she lock it :p

Hann Hann said...

Yup. She's Mummy's friend's sister.

Her son was getting too famous and they needed some pirvacy.