Sunday, April 13, 2008

Craft and Fun at Zoophonics School

My parents were not working last Friday so they brought me to the Zoophonics School.
Pss.. the last time I passed by the School, I insisted on going in despite Mummy telling me that there's no class that day. I headed straight to the classroom only to find it empty.
Mummy was surprised that I remembered the place and even the location of the classroom since I'd only been there less than 5 times.
We made a TV that day.

I thought that I've made a real TV and insisted on watching. I even asked Mummy to put in the CDs. Mummy said this tv has no CD-player.

I loved it all the same and refused to let it go.

Then we were given dough to play, to Mummy's horrible (due to the prevalence of HFMD these days). She tried to desuade me from playing but failed.

Cut cut cut.

1st time Mummy sees me using a knife.

See Ah-yi, I can do this grip (paisay forgot the medical term).

this is the wormy I made with Mummy.

Oh yes... something worth mentioning...

During the lesson, one mummy asked my Mummy, "This is Tim Hann right?"

Mummy was surprised. Then the lady said, "I read your blog."

woo... I'm getting famous. ha.

Mummy's surprised that strangers are reading my blog and can actually recognise me!


ZT said...

Timm is so cute... Real TV huh. :p

ooh.. famous liao leh! can "earn $$ thru blog" :p

btw u mean he goes to zoophonics on a adhoc basis??

Hann Hann said...

I wish can earn $$ thru blog but it's not happening leh.

Anonymous said...

haha...i'm surprised too when i walked into the classroom and thought, 'hey! this little boy looks familiar!' hope i didn't startle you :-) Nice meeting you and Hann!


Hann Hann said...

Hann's Mummy said...

Ha. no lah. didn't startle me. i thought you were from idobaby.

小丘 said...

wish I can bring dash to zoo phonics too, it really looks fun!