Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fort Canning

Almost forgot to post this.

All the photos in this post are taken by me, Hann!

Papa came to pick us up from our visit to the museum and we decided to take a walk to Fort Canning before going for dinner.

Papa asked me to take a photo for him and Mummy and this is one of the photos I took. heehee.

vandalism on a bench

Fort Canning Centre - where my parent had their wedding dinner.

people jogging

People parktor-ing.

grass along the brick pavement

angmo lady jogging

the sky is getting dark and it's time for us to go for dinner.

bye bye, Fort Canning.


Mama Bliss said...

wow Hann, you have a huge potential of being a professional photographer... very nice pictures taken... ;)

Hann Hann said...

thanx thanx.

My mummy wants to groom me to be the youngest photographer in Singapore woh. too bad they have a lower age limit for the Singapore Young Photographer Award.

kkf said...

wow nice photos!