Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Brain Games: Geometric Puzzle

Mummy bought a few Brain Games for me during the Popular Sale.
This is one of them.

These cards come in 3 levels and they're magnetic!

Did this with lotsa help from Mummy. I filled in the "blades" myself though.

I don't really care about the levels though. I just pick what I like to do.

This set of Geometric Puzzle is still a big challenge to me.

Hmm... what shall I do next?

See the Popular shopping bags in the background. heh.

Although I'm not pro at this Puzzle but it really helped to enforce the idea of geometric shapes on me.

Now when I see circles (like the opening to a drain), and squares (like the tiles on my toilet floor), I can point out to Mummy and say, "Circle", "Square", etc.

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