Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hann's Talk: Angry and sad

I've been asking my parents to bring me to the shopping centre for the entire week.
I'll say, "I want to go shopping centre."
but they've been saying no.
Yesterday, we drove past Junction8.
"I want to go there," I said, pointing to Junction8.
Mummy said, "no, Mummy's having tuition." and papa drove away from the road leading to Junction.
Then, with my head tilted in the direction of Junction, looking outside the window of the car, I lamented,
"very angry."
"I'm very angry."
at this point, my Mummy turned her head to look at me, not believing what she heard me saying, and I continued,
"I'm so sad."
Mummy and Papa asked me why I was angry and sad, but I didn't answer them. I thought it was obvious.
the words in italics are my exact words.

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