Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sights and Sounds: on the way

Mummy took me out one day, wanting to bring me to the Murmurs Playground.
We saw many interesting things on our way from Doby Ghuat MRT to the National Musuem.
Many korkors and jiejies skating pass us.
I suppose there was some event that just ended.

The we heard the sirens of an ambulance and saw it zooming pass.

When we we just one street from the musuem, we heard some loud sound and saw that it was from some fighter planes.

For a moment, Mummy wondered where they were from and if we're under attack. ha. silly Mummy.

It was part of the National Day Parade rehearsals.

Nice eh?

We sent quite sometime outise the musuem, watching the planes do their "stunts".

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