Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Konnyaku Drink 蒟蒻 at MOS Burger

Not Hann but Hann's Mummy said...

Sounds like a great drink huh?

It's not a drink really, but jelly. you'll have to "drink" it though. using a straw to suck the jelly out of the bottle.

I finally gave in to the attractive packaging and novelty of the "drink" and ordered it.

Upon slipping it, I realised that it's jelly and...

recalled why I rejected my sister when she asked me if I wanted the drink the last time we went to MOS.

This Konnyaku Drink at MOS Burger is not made purely using Konnyaku or 蒟蒻.

There's Agar Agar added and Agar Agar is made from Seaweed!

I can't eat seaweed due to my thyriod condition.

Hann's papa doesn't like sweet stuff and I'm not about to let Hann try, so the bottle of Konnyaku drink went to waste.

sigh. $2.15.
side track...
I used to be very sure that M.O.S. stand for
cos I saw them printed on their tray mats and cups when they 1st started out in Singapore.
and I remembered cos Ocean and Sea meant the same thing, don't they?
I blamed it on the Japanese's lan English then.
It was a good friend brought me to one of the 1st MOS Burger in Singapore.
while searching for the picture of this 蒟蒻, I went to MOS's website.
Then, just to check, I went to see what the website said about M.O.S.
It said
Initially I thought I was wrong... I wasn't sure anymore.
Then I recalled telling people that it used to be
Sea but now they changed it to Sun
cos Sea and Ocean meant the same.
oh well...


Jason said...

Yes, it was Mountain, Ocean and Sea.

Hann Hann said...

how did you know, darling?

It was me who told you right?

Jason said...

I saw the poster on the outlets too...