Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Upbeat June Holis @ SDC

Another hao jie shao. Not that last min this time. ha.

Upbeat June Holis @ Singapore Discovery Centre

Man in Sarong doing Graffiti?

oo.. they have Giant Inflatables for kids on 7, 8,14,15,21 & 22 June from 11am to 4pm.

Mummy was surprised that I knew which way to go.

They are having a flea market there and this is a store selling "traditional" toys. Mummy bought a kaleidoscope for me. It cost only $2.

but there's really nothing much at the flea market so dun get ya hopes up to avoid disappointment.

This signboard seems rather out of place...

See the boat behind? wish I can ride in them.

Oh well. I started coughing really badly that day so we didn't go into the exhibition area nor the theatre.

We just had a not-so-nice yet expensive lunch there and went home. boohoohoo.

(Read: Have ya lunch else where before going to SDC)

Papa, please bring me there again.

Now showing at iWerks @ Singapore Discovery Centre:

Tickets are at $7 per adult and $4 per child. Free for me (under 3)!

no.. I haven't seen it cos we missed the showtime plus I was coughing non-stop. boohoohoo

I really wanta watch Kung Fu Panda!

but my Mummy has her reservations about allowing me to watch cos I recently keep pointing my finger and saying "pam pam" (sound of the gun) Or I point my finger and say "fight!"

Mummy's worried that my "fighting spirit" will be further flamed after watching Kung Fu Panda.

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