Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mummy cooked again: Udon

I stayed at home today cos I was still recovering from my running nose and cough.
Mummy was lazy to go out and decided to cook soup udon.
Looks not bad, eh?
but I wish it tasted half as good as it looked.
You have to add sauce lah, Mummy.
Ended up, I didn't want to eat initially.
Mummy said she'll add cheese and I managed to finish what's in my bowl.
Udon with Cheese.
think only my Mummy will think of such dish.


babyJireh said...

Hi Hann,

My mummy also cooked udon for me before. For the soup base, your mummy can use ikan bilis or silver fish to boil. It'll be sweet and nice. Throw in carrots, veg (mine is broccoli), mushrooms, meat (mine was fish and at times beef) and you will have a delicious and healthy udon. =)


babyJireh said...

Oh, if it's stir fried udon, the sauce can be as follows: 2 tbs osyter sauce, 1 tbs sesame oil, 1 tbs dark soy sauce, 1tbs sugar and 4 tbs water. Nice and yummy!!

Hann Hann said...

Hann's Mummy said..


小丘 said...

wow, your mummy really good, cooked such delicious food for you. :)