Monday, November 10, 2008

breakfast at bishan park

Papa woke up early one morning and Mummy decided to go to a nice place for breakfast.

We went to Canopy at Bishan Park.

They have a good selection of cakes!
see me order in the video below:

Got to know this angmo-mui while checking out the cakes.
She loves the doraemon on my shirt.

This is their Strawberry Short Cake. Yummy!

They have lotsa outdoor seats.
I wanteda sit here but my parents didn't want to sit in the sun. sigh.

They are super short-handed on a weekend morning and took a long time to serve the food.

Mummy can't resist ordering this Fruit and Nut Scone. She's a scone-lover.
but it didn't taste as "nice" as it looks.
My papa said it's like 五仁月饼. too chewy.
I like it nonetheless.

Mummy's main course was Foccacia with Chicken and Avocado.
nice if you like avocado. (not me though)

Papa's B.L.T.

I find the place really nice.
My mummy asked me if i'll bring my girlfriend here next time and I replied,
"I will bring Mummy only."
Mummy was happy.
hee. I know the way to her heart.

After eating, it's playtime!

somebody left a soccer ball here or does it belong to the restaurant?

There are "tracks" for my Thomas too!

Went exploring and found the Spa area.
It was restricted zone but we sneaked in for a peak anyway.

There's a nice pond

and a beautiful garden.

I decided to bring my papa to see the Green Room Cafe next door.

They have lotsa outdoor seats as well

not to mention place for me to run around.

They open later so not for breakfast people like us.

Canopy Dining and Green Room Cafe are both subsidiaries of
Aramsa ~ The Garden Spa

In case you're wondering where it is.
It's at Bishan Park II carpark, opposite this Market along Ang Mo Kio Ave 1.


Joyce Long said...

Wow..the food really make me mouth is expensive?

Hann Hann said...

i suppose it's normal cafe price ba.

you can click on the links to their website to see the menus online.

mikan said...

Ahhh, i thought this is going to be a good place for breakfast but the opening time is at 10am, so late!

mamabliss said...

oooh thanks for we hv a new place to explore ;)

pc said...

(nodded) super nice~!

more and more interesting place to go:).

kkf said...

nice place and food!! :)