Friday, February 26, 2010

Edison Chopsticks at Hanaro Mart

While I was at Reading Class, my parents went to renew the work-permit for my yeye's maid and found this Korean MiniMart.

A rack of Hello Kitty Merchandise welcomes them.
Wait! there's Pororo stuff below!
ah... you don't find Pororo mechandise everywhere in Singapore.
They've got Pororo lunchboxes too!
Sorry no pictures cos this Mummy was too shy to take pictures.

besides children's cutlery and stuff, Hanaro Mart carries all kinda Korean food stuff.
Actually, once u enter the shop, u can smell Kim chi!

Also found here: Edison Chopsticks!
Training chopsticks for children and adults.

They not only have Pororo, but also Thomas and Friends characters.

and they've got Step2!
So far, we've not seen the Step2 edison chopsticks anywhere else.
I've got my Step1 Thomas Edison Chopsticks from Junction 8.
Step1 is available in all departmental stores and some children stores.

but the selection at Hanaro Mart is so huge!
They've got all the available characters, some (mostly from Pororo's series) we've not seen in other stores before.

Pss... it's cheaper to buy Step1 and Step2 together.

The boss told my papa that they are actually the authorized dealer for Edison Chopsticks in Singapore.
Only then did we realised that Edison Chopsticks are designed in Korea.

Edison Chopsticks are really easy and fun to use!
especially when I love Thomas. haha.

See... I have no problem eating noodles with them!

Click to Watch a video on the use of Edison chopsticks.
or read more on Edison Chopsticks.

Ah... now I wish Hanaro Mart will carry Pororo books as well.

Updates on 29 Sep 2011:

Hanaro Mart has since moved to Bishan (near Junction8).


Mommy Mash said...

ah!!! i been looking around for this chopstick too...

kiddy palace selling about $27+ (i think)..then i saw forum selling about $18+

saw another version which can remove the guides on the stated version 1.5 but it's the rabbit design

u still remember how much u got the chopstick from this shop?


Hann Hann said...

$27, $18 for ONE pair?

that's ex!

all departmental store selling at $16.90. if u get during sale period still got 20% off. My mummy bought one pair for my friend.

Hanaro is also selling at $16.90 for one pair and boss gave them 10% off.

If u're not particular about what's the charater on top, Thomson Medical's pharmacy is selling Crog (a dino) and Petty (a penguin) at $10.90!! dunno they tag wrongly or what.

Mommy Mash said...

the ones I saw comes with a pouch and spoon. maybe that's y it's more ex....

if just the chopstick, then should be the price u mentioned.

Jason said...

I remember Hanaro gave us 20% discount...but that is if I am not too old to remember correctly...

Hann Hann said...

not hann but hann's mummy said...

o. the one with the spoon I didn't notice what's the price woh.

Hanaro gave us 20%, not 10%?
think Jason should be right cos he's the one who paid.

Jireh's mummy said...

This is so interesting. Thanks for sharing! Btw hann's I can Read is just beside United Square isit? When is hann's lesson? Coz I go there weekly also. =)
Sms me if u dont wana share for the whole world to know. haha!

Anonymous said...

we do carry some original pororo plush toy and stuff, visit our outlet at Nex serangoon mall #02-53,

Anonymous said...

do they sell Pororo watches