Monday, January 12, 2009

新年到 之 逛花园

There are pictures of birds in this post.
Do not continue.

Chinese New Year's coming and it's the best time to visit the nurseries cos there are soooo many colourful plants. Papa knocked off slightly earlier today so we went to Thomson Road Nurseries after dinner.

Our 1st stop - SPA Flora.

This is something the other nurseries don't have -
parrot windmill.


They have all kinda orchids there.
very beautiful!
and nice to touch.
nay... I didn't pluck the flowers. I'm a good boy. I'm only feeling them.

Let's go to the other nursery.
(SPA Flora is actually quite small)

Just next door is Far East Flora.

Far East is much bigger than SPA.

I was more attracted to the windmills than the flowers. haha.
and insisted Mummy hold one just like I did.

This is a pitcher plant.

u can actually see insects caught in the pitchers.

There are so many plants of mandarin oranges around that the whole place actually smells of them. Natural air refresher.

Next, we headed to subsidiary of Far East -

Goodwood Florist.

Colourful eh?

This is my favourite nursery cos they've got all kinda fountains (water features).

I love water fount!
yup. that's what I call them.

This is their dessert theme corner.
I've developed a special liking for camels since I caught them on tv by chance one day.

Cats are mummy's favourite.
these cutie gifts are for you to include in ya bouquets or hampers.

Hann n Papa
Goodwood is another huge nursery with lotsa potted plants.

Remember to visit the nurseries before the color plants are all snapped up.

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