Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cheap Cheap Children books at NTUC Fairprice again!

It was just a trip to NTUC Fairprice at Junction8 to get milk and bread but...

This caught Mummy's eyes - $1.90 for every book!
including Disney series like Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and My Friends Tigger and Pooh which were sold in the previous sale I mentioned at $2.90 each.
Usual price for these are $5.90 each if I'm not wrong.

Now all these books are going at $1.90 each!

Having learnt her lesson, This time Mummy grabbed all the titles of the Little Einsteins before the sale is over and you can never find this kind of price again.

They've got Chinese books too!
成语故事, stories based on values, Chinese History, etc.
Mummy didn't get those cos she thinks they're too chim for me and they are lined with hanyipinyin so she doesn't like it.
My spoils -
6 little einsteins
2 Mickey Mouse Club House
2 My friend Tigger and Pooh
2 Chinese activity books
1 小王子 Happy Prince in Chinese
2 Hide-and-slide chinese board books for my meimei.

Hurry down to a major NTUC Fairprice near you and check if they're having this sale too.
Otherwise, you can always drop by Bishan Junction 8.


kkf said...

wow! i must go and grab some!

kkf said...

I am here,really worth buying!!!

Ruth said...

Was surfing around when I saw your blog. I was at NTUC Xtra at Nex last weekend and bought some Little Einsteins books at $1.90 each. If I'm not wrong, the sale will be on for 2 weeks. Maybe you could ring them to confirm and go get a few more books :)