Wednesday, May 12, 2010

cheap cheap Children books at NTUC Bishan

Great finds in NTUC!

we happened to shop at Bishan Junction8 NTUC and saw this children books offer.
super cheap!
$1 to $9.90

All these WALL.E books are going for $1 each.
If Mummy knew about this earlier, she would have included them in my birthday goodie bag.

They also have Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and My Friends Tigger and Pooh books.
$2.90 each!

They also have this Smart Book set.
it's an interactive game similar to my super expensive "Book Game" (that's what I call the German LUK Learning System, sold at United Square)

Smart Book comes with 6 books and one controller device.
NTUC is selling it at $9.90!
even cheaper than the PRC version - 小天才.

Click on picture to read the instructions on how it works.

but the best find was actually this book - Basic Chinese 500 (Sage Formula)
It comes with 4 other books in the series.

It's like the angmo Peter and Jane series.
See more details and better description of this Series at
Tamarind Village

Mummy thought we'll just get one to see if I like it.
well... I love it!
and I can learn to read chinese really fast with this book.

when Mummy went back 2 days later,
these books are all gone!!
Any1 saw them at other NTUCs, please let us know.
or better still, buy for me!
or help me buy 1st before they get snapped up again.

This mini book sale also carries other chinese books
like 二十四孝.
but Mummy didn't like the print cos it looks super cluttered with words and hanyupinyi below all the words.

don't miss this sale!
Heard besides Junction8 NTUC, there are other NTUCs having this sale too.
no sure which ones though.
if you see something u like,
better grab them!


kkf said...

cheap indeed!

Anonymous said...

Hi, you have such a nice blog. Full of warmth and fun. Keep it up!

Hann Hann said...


come back often. =)

Anonymous said...

you are get the chinese books at Popular bookstore, I saw it at Bishan J8 branch yesterday, 4 books in total, $5.90 ea.

Hann Hann said...

thanx for the info, Anon.

there are actually 5 books in all.

we got the other 4 books from bras basah popular today.