Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Verner Panton @ National Museum

We're off to Verner Panton – The collected works.

Verner Panton is a famous Danish designer and architect.
(Both jobs Mummy once wanted to do.)

If you don't know Verner Panton, I think you should at least know this chair -

the Panton Chair.
Yup. He's the designer.

besides the Panton Chair, Verner Panton also designed various interesting and colourful chairs.

"Sitting should also be fun - like playing - an exciting experience." said Panton.

besides chairs, he also designs furniture systems,

and Spaces.
We're going to see one of the special Space...
you've got to put on special shoes to go in...

Phantasy Landscape: Visiona 2.

Can't really capture the Phantasy Landscape on our compact camera.

It looks like just a sea of red. Actually it's made up of the colours of the Rainbow.

We spend such a long time inside, Mummy almost wanteda faint.

The red is just too much for her eyes and I suppose there's lack of oxygen too.

Again, I had so much fun I didn't wanta go, if not for Mummy threatening to leave w/o me.

It appears to us, Verner Panton loves to use colours and is a colourful person.

Mummy wonders why the lighting in the exhibition is so dark and gloomy, atmosphere solemn and quiet, intolerable to any noise or sound of joy made by children.

it's nothing like what Panton says, "... make their surrondings more exciting."

Mummy was constantly worried about me making too much noise or my running around will be a nuisance.

To me, it's just a dark but colourful playground with lovely furniture and works of art.

see me play hide-and-seek with Mummy among these boards of Furnishing Textiles.

Ah... the outside's a breath of fresh air.

They've this interactive corner outside the exhibition hall for children to learn about colours and shapes.

"aircons" is what I call these coloured cushion blocks.

You can line them up this way...

to make a bed.

or that way...

to make a "train" track.

Shapes and Rubber bands?

I think this is a rectangle.

See me pull!

It really trains my finger and hand muscles.

Mummy's really impressed by Verner Panton, nonetheless. and wish she has talents like his.
Or maybe I'll have talents like his?
we'll see...


ED said...

The museum looks really fun! Looks like must bring my kids there as well!

Hann Hann said...

oh yeah!

must go before the june holi ends. otherwise, the interactive arts for children will be removed.

kkf said...

you really love going museum!

Hann Hann said...

actually i cant remember when was my last visit. about a year ago ba. but if there's such thing as Museum's Young Ambassador, I think i'd be one. haha