Sunday, June 12, 2011

Video, An Art, A History 1965 - 2010

was invited to the opening of the exhibition -
Video, an Art, a History 1965 - 2010
A Selection from the Centre Pompidou (France) and Singapore Art Museum Collections

based on the video and multimedia installations of the Centre Pompidou (France) and SAM, the exhibtion recounts the history of this very contemporary field punctuating the main phases of contemporary art from 1965 - 2010.

The exhibition materialised from a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Governments of Singapore and France to enchance cultural cooperation.

1965 - 2010
wish this photo was taken on a better camera.
Uncle on the left represents 1965 and me on the right, 2010. ha.

We arrived early and were the 1st to enter the Glass Hall at the Singapore Art Museum because the rest of the guest were busy drinking at the cocktail reception outside (see the crowd outside the door).
Me? I rejected the drinks when Mummy offered me and later told her that it was because I don't know how to drink those drinks (red wine, champagne, coke, fruit punch and orange juice).

Mummy is very proud of me because I kept quiet, except occasional whispers to her, throughout the guests' and host's opening speeches.

finally, the speeches ended and once again, the guests flocked outside to enjoy the reception.
They served very intricate food on trays which the waiters and waitresses bring right up to you but I remained nonchalant and pestered my mummy to quickly bring me to see the videos.

Me watching a video at the Identity Gallery.
Lotsa retro furniture here.

oo... how do you watch this tv?
hint: apply the law of Physics. ha.

The video was about "World Class Society" (it sounded and looked like some1 making an election rally speech) and I had to fill up this questionnaire to get a World Class Society badge.

click on the picture to read the questions and my responses.
Mummy didn't know if she should laugh or cry when I answered "money" makes a person "World Class".

This book documents how they made

the video "Memorial Project Nha Trang, Vietnam: Towards the Complex – For the Courageous, the Curious and the Cowards" which was shot underwater.
Mummy and I found this video very interesting.

me enjoying the nice sofa.
You can really spent a whole day and more just sitting in SAM and watch all these videos.

there are just sooooo many videos to watch!
and we've only touched one of the levels out of 3 of the exhibition.

Well... it may seem like that there's only video watching to do in this exhibition but noo...
check out the Interactive Installations such as

Dan Graham, Present Continuous Past(s), 1974
© Coll. Centre Pompidou. Photo Philippe Migeat.

Mummy can't believe that this work was done before she's even born!
shall not disclose too much but you've gotta do some actions, not like this lady in the picture, to see the effect.

Peter Campus, Interface , 1972
© Coll. Centre Pompidou. Photo Philippe Migeat.

We didn't know what this one was about until Mummy read the Activity Booklet.

so, be sure to download the activity booklets, if you going to this exhibition.
They'll make great guides and discussion starters.

Video, An Art, A History 1965 - 2010
A Selection from the Centre Pompidou and Singapore Art Museum Collections
10 June to 18 September 2011
Singapore Art Museum and SAM at 8Q
Admission charges to SAM:
Adult $10
Students $5
(free for MOE students and children below 6)

pss... free entry into SAM for all on friday evenings after 6pm.


pc said...

am thinking to go with hy... but,look very chim... maybe should stick back to the art garden... ha~

happy arty holiday to you, hann:).

Hann Hann said...

it's a by-the-way kinda thing if you're going to Art Garden. Art Garden is the highlight for us, children!