Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day out with Mummy

Woke up early one day and Mummy decided to bring me to my favourite island - Sentosa!
As it was just the two of us, Mummy decided not to bring her camera.
ha. she actually felt insercure without it.
We took a cab straight to the Dolphin Lagoon.
Actually not that "straight" cos the taxi-uncle brought us to Underwater Water World instead and make a few rounds before reaching the Dolphin Lagoon.
After the Dolphin Show, we went to the Underwater Water World to find my favourite Nemo.

Then we went on the Sentosa Express.

Mummy thought we could go home from there but no...

I didn't want to go yet!

I want to go to my favourite ride - the Luge + Skylift.

and I wanted 2 rides instead of just one.

Mummy obliged since it really cheaper to get 2 rides ($16) instead of just one ($11).

When we were getting our helmet, we saw a girl in her late teens trying to put on a kid's helmet (it's really pretty compared to the adults'). Mummy told her that it's for kids and she's a little embrassed.

After our two rides, we went to the washroom and when we come out from the cubicle, there was this other teenage girl washing her hands at the kids' basin (of lower height) so I can't use it.

I said, "why adults always like to use children('s) one!"

The girl was embrassed again and left me us the basin.


kkf said...

clever hann! sometimes, things we adults dun dare to say out, good to have children like Hann to help us say...hee...

sunflower said...

I like Sentosa too! A good place for family.

ED said...

Sounds like a really fun day!

Btw, thanks for voting for me!