Tuesday, September 25, 2007

中 秋 節 2

看!象不象 "spirited away"里的场景?

I was so engrossed looking at the turtle play drums that I didn't want to look at the camera.

I love playing drums too.

Home sweet home.


Actually, the Lantern Fes at Chinese Garden is not very suitable for Christian kids, because of the many pagan gods featured there. Of cos, we didnt' take any photos of those.
Nevertheless, if you are interested,
it ends on 30 Sep 2007.
Do go early, say 6+.
Otherwise, it's super duper woper crowded.
More people than lanterns.
If you drive, be prepared to be in the queue for parking for around 1 hour.
Also, don't have to bring your pram/stroller.
You won't be able to see anything other than butts if you sit in the stroller.
We set off early but because my parents forgot to bring my pram so we went back to get. In the end, it was not use. We were late as a result and stuck in the car for almost an hour. Thank God I was sleeping then.
My ah-yi went with her 2 boyfriends in the day.
Click here to see the day shots


babyJireh said...

Mummy only saw the 'Ba xian guo hai' (pagan gods) but she didnt point that out to me so i only saw all those lovely marine creatures. =)

For parking, uncle kenneth parked his car at the nearby hdb carpark and we are not caught in the jam. Thank God!

Hann Hann said...

oh that's clever. we didnt know about the parking and was catch in the jam. theres no u-turn nor way out.

yah, mummy didn't bring me near the ba-sians too. Still got the hai-long-wang and his troops.

previous years there were guan-ying, etc

mikan said...

Dear hann hann

Thank you for linking our blog, but we haven't been to Chinese Garden before??? *confused*

kaito & taku

Hann Hann said...

haha, mikan-yi, I just realised that too.

I thought ya shuang-lin-shi photos were at Chinese Garden, and wanteda delete my link, but you beat me to it. ha.