Friday, October 29, 2010

Graduation Tour 毕业之旅

This is super overdue.
Earlier this month, my parents brought me for my 毕业之旅 - when I "graduated" from Eager Beaver and just before I start at the new school.

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nay... didn't go on a cruise.
this is a picture taken by my papa at the beach outside the chalet we went.

Yah, my Graduation Tour is at Aloha Loyang.
We had a pool terrace unit and woh!
the pool is really just outside the door!
and it's super big with 4 bedrooms, each with an attached toilet.

Me all ready for the pool!

It's my meimei's 1st time swimming.
She's so blessed, barely 4 months and gone swimming liao.
My 1st time at the pool was when I was 7 months old.

See that slide in the background?
It looked so fun that once I reached the pool, I asked Mummy if I can slide down from it.
Mummy said yes but immediately regretted wondering if I'll be scared when I'm thrown into the water.

True enough, I was so scared I wanteda get out of the pool.

We went to the pool for all 3 days of our stay at the chalet.
I was so frightened by the slide experience, I didn't want to go anywhere my feet can't touch the ground.

So I just played at the edge of the pool,

and ride my dolphin around.

Nevertheless, I love water play at the swimming pool and my baby sister enjoyed swimming too.
Makes Mummy think they should have got a condo with a swimming pool at some ulu place instead of getting a $650k HDB flat in an expensive neighbourhood.

Something we must thank God for:

My papa had planned to let me barbecue with him and bought a disposable barbecue pit.
As he's worried that it will be too hot for the table, Papa put a corelle plate under the pit.
After Papa started the fire in the barbecue pit, he went away to get something and smash!
the corelle plate "exploded" and shatters flew all over the place.
Woh... Thank God none of us was near the plate or else we'll be cut.
Papa said especially me cos the plate was at my eye-level.
Thank God for his protection.

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kkf said...

aloha loyang chalets are big. too big, so i usually dun stay there, cause i find it scary to live in such a big house! i think i am destined not to live in big houses. haha.

so nice of your parents to plan such a graduation tour for you!