Monday, October 29, 2007


Told Alexis I will try to dig out these photos.
Taken when in June 2007. I was 13 months then.
Guess where was I?

I was at the library!

Ho ho. Pushing my pram around and screaming as I did.
I still couldn't walk on my own then. Hence was crusing using my pram.
Haha. so excited.

See me "walk"!

Yohoo... who's there?

Ooh.. it's a korkor reading.

Later a librarian came and warned my Mummy, "You better know how to control him (i.e. me)."

Mummy was upset by his comment cos she'd always thought of me as a good boy and she kept asking Papa, "He's uncontrollable meh?"

Ooi, Mr Librarian, I read too ok. I was just too excited and happy being in the library, in the sea of books. Not like the library was very quiet that day loh. Thanks to your comments, Mummy has not brought me to the library since.


alexis lim said...

Hey hann , i think the librarian is not that polite leh .. the words he use seems quite rude !

so , have ur mummy calm down 4 mths after the incident =) hee ..
when r u going to the library again ? or not in the near future ?

Hann Hann said...

Ha. now that you reminded her, I think Mummy will bring me to the library soon.