Friday, November 9, 2007

Mummy lost her phone

Shang Nao Jing, Mummy's always leaving her phone here, there, and everywhere.
Went to Suntec last weekend and Mummy lost her handphone.
Actually she left it in the ladies. By the time she remembered and went back, it's gone.
As a result, all her contacts are gone.
If you are her friend, please send her an sms and identify yourself so she can contact you again.
Yup, it's the same number.
She is very sad cos on top of all her contacts, there were precious photos of us in that lost phone.
I'm sad over the lost too, cos I can't dance to my favourite music. boohoohoo.
So if u are also using a camera phone, remember to back up the photos.
Mummy, just let me hold ya phone next time.
~ . ~ . ~
Mummy went for her blood test this week and thank God, her thyroid level is at normal level now. but that doesn't mean she's fully recovered. she still has to take her medicine but at a small dose.
Nevertheless, thank God, thank God thank God and thank you all for praying.
Also, since Propylthuirocil is quite safe for breastfeeding, Doc assured her again that there is no need to stop breastfeeding.


Emma's Daddy said...

hey! u lost ur phone at Suntec? on last Sun? no wonder we got no reply from u when we sms-ed u after seeing u walk past Sizzler's that afternoon! yeah, we were there for our lunch then. =)

Auntie crystal said...

aiyo, I thought I am the only sotong in our family... oh dear, this is genes... haha...

well, I will sms her my contact. =)

It's great news to hear that she is recovering. Ping, keep it up!

Hann Hann said...

Auntie Crystal,

you don't know... Mummy's nickname in Uni is "Big-Head-Prawn" (Canto)

Hann Hann said...

o.. emma's daddy, Mummy's very sad. please sms her again so she can have your number. and emma's mummy's as well.

Hann Hann said...

For the record, besides house numbers, the hp numbers Mummy can remember by heart:

1. Papa's
2. er-yi's
3. Rubbish Yee's
4. Uncle Philip's
5. Auntie Crystal's

so the 5 of you don't needa sms her ya number.