Sunday, March 16, 2008


Mummy was very hungry when we settled into the hotel in Macau and went out to look for food with Ah-yi and jiejie while I was sleeping.
The chef cooking...

This is their House Noodles.

It was a bit like our local HongKong Noodles but they have a variety of meat: beef, chicken, sotong, prawns.

Their yummy French Toast.

The girls with the friendly/ cute waiter.

and yes, all yummy food from this road side stall 公仔记. They have 2 stalls right opposite each other.


小丘 said...


Aunt Crystal said...

Hi Hann Hann!
I am really losing tracks of emails and all your blogs... was really tired for the past 2mths... hmm... in fact, even now.
I kept thinking you guys went to HK only, not knowing you also went to Macau. So did you enjoy the trip?
Although I heard from my mom that you seems to caught a flu, glad to know that now you are getting better.
take good care!

Hann Hann said...

Think i did enjoy the trip ba. besides the two truamatic experience at the two hospitals.

Never bring children to HongKong, I'd say. besides deathly viruses, the air there is very bad.

It's more a place for singles to ma-dong-xi chi-dong-xi.