Sunday, April 6, 2008

Children's Season at NMS

National Museum of Singapore's having a Children's Season from 1st May til 6 July.
Lotsa Children's program and exhibits going on at the Museum.
Find out more at the Museum's website. Cos the pages are in Flash so Mummy can't copy the text and put here and can't link directly to the pages. Click on "Children's Season" at the bottom of the page.
Below are some screen captures from the website. Click on each to read. but you'll still have to go the for the full details.
Mummy's really excited about it and wants to bring me to a few of the Workshops and Exhibitions.

We're going to the Mozart's Workshop on 18th May 2008, Sun 3pm.
Any1 wanta come along?

Also going for another Photography Workshop in July. 3pm too.

Join us!


小丘 said...

The museum toddlers look fun! I am going to bring dash there!

Hann Hann said...

Yeah! join me on 18 May for mozart and 27 Jul for Photography if you can.