Saturday, May 24, 2008

Free Events c/o KidsFest @ Drama Centre

Mummy found out about this a little late...
Free Activities during KidsFest @ Drama Centre
Wed 21 May 2008 to Tue 27 May 2008
12.45 to 1.45pm, Level 3, Drama Centre Foyer
See schedule below for details.

Too bad Mummy'll be on course on Mon so she can't bring me.

the only one left for me will be Sun's Jungle Book and Tue's Little People.


小丘 said...

free ah? good, thanks for sharing, maybe if possible, will bring dash for tuesday one. but where is drama centre ah?

Hann Hann said...

It's at National Library. =)

We went y'day. quite fun. but I can't sit thru' the whole show. think Mummy won't be bringing me on Tues cos she wanta pack the house.

You guys should go though. quite fun.