Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Percy

My family tradition is to open our Christmas presents on Boxing Day.

Mummy wanteda send me to school on Boxing Day so she decided to let me open ONE present last night (Christmas Day).

Thanx again for the Christmas Percy, Ah Hong Ah Yi!

who knows...
this morning when Papa wanteda bring me to school,
I was only half awake and wanteda bring Percy along in the car
so I stretched out my hand towards the door and...

My little finger got "giap-ed".

it's no fault of mine really
and i'm always careful with doors.

It looked so bad and I cried so much
Mummy didn't bare to send me to school.

I never liked to put on a plaster so Mummy put a Thomas sticker on top of the plaster and even got Thomas to ask me to keep the sticker (and plaster) on my finger.

Oh well...
it's a blessing in disguise for me cos I get to stay at home and play with my Christmas Percy and an injured finger.

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