Friday, February 13, 2009

Weekday evenings at home

All photos in this post except those with me in them are taken by me, Hann.

Weekdays I go to school and by the time I come home from dinner, it's quite late and my parents have to catch up with housework so I'll be left playing on my own.

Since I got Thomas' train set, it's my most frequently played toy.

Hann fixing Tracks
I fixed the tracks all by myself!

The four trains I have - Thomas, Sharloey, Edward and Percy.
(in the sequence I've acquired them)

The trains going into the tunnel.
I don't have tunnels in my train sets but I love tunnels so I use the coffee table, stools, sofa, etc to be the tunnels.

I like to take pictures of my feet.

This is my "TV".

I'll prop up the cushions against the back of the arm chair then sit in front of it on my stool and tell Mummy that I'm watching "tv".

These are my friends.

All of them are gifts from my relatives.

Soft toys are not suitable for me cos I have sensitive airways
but my Ah-gong keeps buying them for me.

To all my friends and fans:
No more soft toys for me please.

after snapping several shots of my friends, Mummy asked me if I wanteda join them for a photo and I said yes.

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