Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pororo & NLB Premium Membership

好介绍 1

This photo is taken by me, Hann.Do you know who is this?

He is Pororo, the little Penguin, 小企鹅.

The next photo is taken by Mummy.
He's a Korean cartoon character from the DVD I borrowed from the National Library.
The DVD comes in two languages - English and Chinese.

I love Pororo and his friends.
Mummy thinks it's a good DVD cos the stories are simple, short and teaches good values.
She strongly recommends Pororo to all children who are allowed to watch tv.

Not all cartoons are like that you know?
and Not all cartoons are truly "G" rated.

好介绍 2

and yup! I borrowed this DVD from the National Library, Singapore.

There are plenty of good DVDs, VCDs, and CD-Roms (audio-visual items) available in the National Libraries.
but you've gotta be a premium member (read must pay) to be able to borrow them.

but Mummy thinks it's a bargain.
For $21 per year, you can borrow many many AV items.
cheaper than ya neighbourhood DVD Rental Stores.

They even have Music CDs and Music Scores.
but these are only available from library@esplanade.

The last time Mummy was a premium member and borrowed scores, it was for her wedding.
There are soooooo many scores at library@esplanade,
you won't have to buy any scores at all.

So hurry!
Sign up for NLB's Premium Membership.


Aunt Crystal said...

haha... i watched this cartoon on tv before. Also quite like it.

Hann Hann said...

oo... I haven't see it on tv leh.
was it chinese or angmo or korean?

but I don't watch much tv lah. ha.