Thursday, July 23, 2009

Well Wishes

As I was "bed-ridden" (all I want to do was to stay in bed. I didn't even want to play) and can't go to school, Mummy has no choice but to leave her 41+33+22 students and go on no-pay leave.
Mummy is really worried about her 41+33+22 students, especially her two Sec4 classes, but glad that they're in good hands of the relief teacher the school's got for them.
On her last day, her Sec3 class gave me a present.
It was a present (no pun intended) surprise for Mummy.
Mummy thought the class didn't like her.
It was a star-shaped glass bottle with paper canes and tiny scrolls of well wishes from the class to me.
Thanx, korkors and jiejies!
Mummy was impressed by the tiny scrolls and the little crimps which kept them rolled up.
Latest visit to the Doc's:
Doc said that I'm not sick now... though Mummy can't agree with her.
I'm still plagued by stomach pain everyday.
Doc said that I need to walk (which I'm so unwilling to) and exercise plus eat more protein food to get my muscules back.
I'm now skin + boney and muscule-less.
So my friends, jio me out when u're going to the gym or park or anywhere.
I suppose if I have children's company, i'm more willing to move.
now I just like to be carried or sit in the pram.
Please Pray for me to
1. eat and drink more
2. walk more
3. pass motion more often.


byihui said...

hi, praying that hann wil recover soon...

kkf said...

me not a christian, but hopes hann will get well soon and be happy and bubbly as before. :)

kkf said...

I understand ur worries too. as teachers, we shoulder such great responsibilities...sigh. Even on MCs, we still think and think of our classes, worry that we can't catch up with the scheme of work, worry students will idle in school, etc. sianz...

But we just have to tell ourselves, afterall, they are other people's kids, our own kids and family are more important than anything else, cause eventually they are the ones who will stick with us and be by our sides...

Hann Hann said...

not Hann but HanN's Mummy said...

Thanx, byihui & KKf-

KoLe said...

poor hann. pray that he gets well real soon. mummy and daddy must also take care ok.