Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thomas is the only one

These were taken some time ago...

Me eating Filet-O-Fish with Thomas Chopsticks.
The chopsticks are quite expensive but Mummy bought them anyway.

cos These days I'm not really interested in food. actually I was not interested in most things. I was tired and painful all the time.

Thomas Biscuit

I saw this Thomas Biscuits while shopping with my Grandparents. Mummy allowed me to buy and eat them this time. Previously, I had a packet at home but Mummy didn't allow me to eat cos she thinks it's heaty. These days, she allows me to eat almost anything as long as I'm willing to eat.

I didn't want to walk... but when I see Thomas, I don't mind coming down from the stroller...

to walk and look at Thomas toys.

Thomas, I love you.

My Ah Gong bought a lot of new toys for me including




Mummy thinks that she always fall sick because her father (i.e. my ah gong) always buy new and nice things for her when she falls sick so subconscioysly she likes to fall sick.

Now My Ah Gong is doing the same to me.

Mummy is worried that I'll get sickly like her too.


SIMPLY her _| brenda | said...

BRAVO timhann,stay strong !!

ED said...

I think all boys are the same!

They should change the saying to: A thomas a day, keeps the doctor away!

Hann Hann said...

maybe I should change the title of this post to that, Uncle Ed.

Mummy doesn't understand why we boys love Thomas. She thinks Thomas & Friends is a very boring cartoon. I think it's a good cartoon.