Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gollum with tummy

After almost 4 weeks of "starvation" (I eat very little everyday),
I'm now soooo thin.

My papa is inspired to take a topless, if not nude, photo of me, make it black and white and the photo can pass off as a child, from a 3rd world country, suffering from Beri Beri.
Only I won't allow him to take pictures of me now.
Click to see pictures of real children suffering from Beri Beri.

While drying me after shower just now, Mummy feels so sad cos she thinks I look like Gollum - all bones, with a little hunch and walk with bended knees (yah, I'm so weak, I can't walk properly at the moment) except I have a huge tummy which Gollum doesn't have.

Yup. You can see my rib-cage like you can with Gollum's.
and I'm so thin, my backside is now fleshless and flat.

Good news is...
I'm getting better, eating more (still not much), passing motion more often.
Progress is slow though.

Thank you for praying for me and please continue to do so.


Aunt Crystal said...

Dear Hann,
great to hear that you are getting better! jiayou! all of us will support and pray for you!

ED said...

Praying for u too!

Get well soon!!!

levine said...

jia you! must try to eat a little more and more meal break ya! miss the chubby u always bringin auntie levine out for "outing" in yr blog. ;)

kkf said...

are you back home already? may you recover very fast!!!