Saturday, August 22, 2009

Library Fun

Mummy regrets buying dvds for me...
She even regrets buying books for me...


the public Libraries are sooooo full of them!

recently, the library also had

Change in Loan Quota.

From 1 July 2009, basic library members will be able to borrow up to 6 items, inclusive of a maximum of 2 audio visual items.

Previously basic members (i.e. the free one) cannot borrow AV items so we signed up for the Premium membership. Now we're auto-upgraded to Premium Plus members and can borrow up to 16 items, inclusive of a maximum of 8 audio visual items.

AV items in the library are DVDs, VCDs, Video Tapes and CD-ROMs, music CDs and Music Scores. (Scores are only available in library@esplanade)

Some of you have been wondering what I do everyday since I haven't gone to school for 2 months.
Once I got a little better, my parents have been bringing me out cos they want me to walk.

I go to the library almost everyday!
depending on what I came into contact with (usually from tv) earlier that day or the day before, we'll go read up more on those stuff.

Today's theme is Magnets.
I found one of my magnetic darts so we decided to read up on magnets.
Even though I'm young, Mummy explain science facts to me like she would to any other older kids.

while we were at the library, there was an announcement that there's going to be a story reading session in half-an-hour's time.

Mummy asked me if I want to go and I excitedly replied positive.
Then Mummy remembered that parents are not allowed in these sessions and became quite worried.
She told me that she can't go in with me and asked me if I still want to go.
I still said yes.

can you find me seated among the children?

The story telling soon began.
Mummy waited outside, worried.
She got even more worried when she heard constant coughing inside the room.

Parents, please keep your sick children away from such meetings!

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Sunflower said...

Don't regret, it comes handy when you are not well when you have to stay at home