Thursday, July 30, 2009


Since my papa got cable tv for our house, i've been watching a lot of tv, to my mummy's dismay.
but it was good for me cos I was not interested in anything earlier on, not even my favourite videos.
Playhouse Disney got me up and out of my bed.

Mummy's not happy with me watching so much tv though.
but at least the programmes are educational and non-violent.

Mummy decided that she should do some "follow-up" on the programmes I've watched - opportunity teaching kinda thing.

It was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the episode Mickey's Color Adventure.
Colours start draining from the clubhouse, and the gang search for objects of each color of the rainbow to feed into the rainbow colour machine.

Mummy decided to teach me the order of the colors of the rainbow using the song in the episode: Red - Orange - Yellow. Green - Blue - Purple.
and let me paint a rainbow.
I love painting!

Mummy also sang a chinese song about Rainbow which she used to help her remember the order of the colors of the rainbow when she was young:
彩虹 彩虹 天边一条彩虹
红橙黄绿蓝 真美丽
加上紫色 更美丽

and she wonders why all these rainbow songs are one color short.

Me helping to prepare the table for painting.
You can see how thin I've become in this photo.

before i start painting my rainbow, we read a story about Rainbow - Noah and the Ark and looked at different pictures of the rainbow.

Mind you, not all drawn pictures of the rainbow has the correct order of the colors, even the rainbow color collector in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is of the opposite order.

We prayed and thanked God for making the rainbow, colours and for his promise.



it was raining outside that day.
Mummy said, "let's see if there's a rainbow later."
Hann held the painting of his rainbow up towards the sky and said, "There!"

My Rainbow!
~picture taken by me~

somehow the brouche of the Verner Panton Exhibition dropped out and in was so in line with what we had learnt for the day. we discussed about how Verner Panton used colours.

"Colour planning is of utmost importance …
I myself normally work with parallel colours
whose tones follow consecutively according to
the order of the spectrum. In this way, I can
control the character of the room in terms of
warmth and coolness and thereby create the
desired atmosphere.” ~Verner Panton

Korkors and jiejies who are taking physics or took physics before, how do you remember the order of the colours of the rainbow?
Share in the comments, k?

We also went to the library to read about Rainbow and the Water Cycle.

We especially love this one:
The Drop Goes Plop
by Sam Godwin
A fun journey by a drop of water.
We highly Recommend this book to all toddlers who loves water.

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Sunflower said...

A phrase to help you to remember the rainbow colour.

Richard Of York Gain Battle In Vain


As for the chinese version, I remembered this song sang by JJ Lin
熟能生巧 , there is one line of the lyrics: