Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Royston Tan's Old Places - Location #11 Queenstown Estate

not hann but hann's Mummy said...

11. Queenstown Estate
Margaret Drive

The old Queenstown Cinema colourful views (Exposure Blended), originally uploaded by bertpix.

Vacant Cinema

Queenstown, originally uploaded by sadistmeal.
Vacant Bowling Alley

Queenstown Library, originally uploaded by lingf0ng.

Low Special-brick wall outside Queenstown Library

You can see all these from the MRT on the East-West Line.

What I didn't know they have there is this

DSC_7757, originally uploaded by bertpix.

Heard this is a 2nd generation letterboxes in Singapore.

I remember riding at the back of my father's bicycle going from blocks to blocks (not in Queenstown but Ang Mo Kio), helping him slot flyers into this kind of letterboxes.

another thing I remember is me hooking the "arms" from one level to those of the next level for every letterbox.


Sunflower said...

These are the places where my my childhood days were!!!

pc said...

i actually wanted to know more about Royston Tan after you blog and FB about the show. too bad, night is always the busiest time for me...

thanks for sharing all these places. i guess it somehow brings back some similar memories of my childhood in kl, mosaic tiles, the roti shop, the kopi sock... the dragon kiln is very impressive to me:) - didnt know that sg has such a place.

look forward to see more...

Hann Hann said...

not hann but hann's mummy said...

wah PC, thanx for ya encouragement.

many times I want to give up posting on "Old Places" but encouragements like this made me go on.

there was a previous comment asking me if this was some contest and Hann's papa said, "wah, your friends think you are so mercenary - what you post must be for $$."

actually I just wanta 怀旧一番。

Joyce Long said...

I used to stay around that Margaret Drive..I have fond memories living there..awesome shots..the fotos were captured with so well...

Hann Hann said...

haha. of cos. Mummy chose the best photos from Flickr.