Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rush Hour (Traffic Jam Game)

I've been eying this toy for a long time...
Rush Hour: Traffic Jam Game

but Mummy didn't want to buy it for me cos she's afraid that it's too difficult for me and it'll put me off the game.
She thinks it's a good logic game.

but one day...
Mummy found me playing this computer game, Cars, we borrowed from the library.
So she knew I know how to solve the jams.

Hence, she decided to buy Rush Hour for me!

In the end, she bought the Rush Hour Junior set for me cos it's for age 6 to 8
while Rush Hour is for 8+.

I asked Mummy why she bought the game for me since it's for 6-year-olds and she said, "because you are as clever as a 6 years old."

me setting up a puzzle.

Problem solved!

When I finish all 40 puzzles all by myself,
we will the adult version Rush Hour or this:

Railroad Rush Hour

Now you know what to get for my Christmas present. haha.


kkf said...

haha...but i think hann is a very clever boy, higher level games shd be no problem for you!

Hann Hann said...


but I'm still at level 28. 12 more to complete all 40. =)