Saturday, November 13, 2010

new coach at Gym

we've got an additional coach (lady on the left) at gym today.
Mummy was worried that she's here to observe and take over Coach Yan eventually!
but Auntie Shirley told her that when there's a big class (7 of us), there's usually another coach to assist.

see us hopping on the balance beams.
(I'm right behind in white)
we "progress" from low beam, raised beam and finally the real thing!

I'm quite scared when on the balance beam.

but don't you think I'm more confident with Coach Yan?
That's why we love him.
He's really good with children.

that evening, I told my papa that there's a new coach today and that she doesn't know anything.
My parents were appalled that I said that.
My papa said even young kids like me know how to bully new teachers. haha.

oo... many have been asking where's the gym I go to.
*drum roll*

at Lor 7 Toa Payoh.

Bus 232 stops right at its doorstep.
It's the only bus at this bus stop.

It's a building on its own right next to Pei Chun Public School.

Funny how Mummy doesn't know this place when she's been staying in the neighbourhood for almost all her life.

Prime Gym takes in kids from 18 months old.
check them out today!


Karmeleon said...

I did say it was behind Sunflower's house. haha.

Hann Hann said...

ha. but I don't know where's sunflower's house.

Baby said...

At Aunt Emily's workplace, there's gym for little children who study there..maybe you'd like to continue taking up this sport as recreation..

Injuries rate is high, so take great care..have lots of fun!
Can you do somersaults yet?

Sunflower said...

Now seriously considering pulling Yvette out of swimming and sending her to gym.

Can always come by for playdate ya!

Hann Hann said...

why leh?

swimming is good! it exercises almost every part of the body.

Gym's more convenient though. no needa bring all the shower stuff and it's so near ya place.

go for two lah. haha.