Friday, January 21, 2011

I can play on the keyboard with both hands!

13 Jan 2011

Mummy tried to teach me how to play on the keyboard with both hands simultaneously but I somehow just couldn't get it.
She was clueless about how to get me to play with both hands.

Her friends gave suggestions - play on each hand separately 1st (which I did well), then combine; listen to the CD and play left hand only 1st.

I did none of those.
cos playing on each hand separately then combine didn't work for my mummy so she didn't think it'll work for me.

so she just left me alone and thought she'll let my teacher at Yamaha do the job.
but Teacher still didn't really teach how to play on both hands during this week's class.

18 Jan 2011
after 3 days of practice, I can finally play one whole song with both hands simultaneously.

Reason? I had a little motivation.

a cute toy dinosaur - Blue Pal, I call him.

my parents bought it and my papa told me that if I can play on the keyboard with both hands, I can open the box.

lo and behold.
I hit the keyboard the very day we got home from buying Blue Pal,
and I immediately can play both hands simultaneously!
Mummy was amazed!
and wonder was it that I didn't want to play at first.
I didn't get to open the box that day though
cos I'm not playing well enough yet.
after practising for 3 days, I can play the whole song with both hands simultaneously so I got to open the box.
I love my toy dino.

sorry, somehow can't upload the video.


kkf said...

well done

Jireh said...

Good job!!

edmund said...

Wa. solid ah! Breathru in his music! :)